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Taste Your Way Through Charleston

May 23, 2018

Is there such a culinary delight to walk, browse, taste, sample and enrich the aromas and flavors of the low country?  Explore Charleston’s history and culture by a guided flavor walking tour.  Stroll through some of the best restaurants, bakeries and markets.

Charleston has a vast amount of history to be discovered by both visitors and locals alike.  From the museums and historic monuments to the historic district, Charleston sets itself apart as a laid back city with rich history and southern cuisine.  Why not explore the history while also taking a guided walking tour through some of Charleston's favorite eateries and specialties.

The markets and restaurants will flavor your pallet with some of the best shrimp and grits, pralines and sweet tea.  Any food lover is in for a treat as the traditional southern cooking is presented at the establishments and markets where you will taste in delight.  Smell your way into bakeries and take down some hearty barbecue.  Don’t fill that belly until you sample the locally made gourmet chocolates offered on the tour.  Savor the Flavor Walking Tour will have you at some of the best of the best culinary experiences of your life.


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