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Soup Season in Charleston

November 21, 2021

I love a good soup. If you're like me, then you start thinking about soup the second that temperatures start dropping. I wait all year for soup season to roll around. Now that it is November, I thought I'd suggest some places to find good soup around Charleston!


Photo from https://seinfeldmemes.com/i-gotta-focus-im-shifting-into-soup-mode-2/ 

If you're looking for she-crab soup... 

She-crab soup is a local favorite that visitors MUST try while they're in Charleston! This soup is creamy and heartwarming- loaded with crab and cooked with a dash of sherry. Try authentic Charleston she-crab soup at:

82 Queen     Charleston Crab Shack     Middleton Place Restaurant 

Palmetto Cafe     Revival     Fleet Landing Restaurant & Bar


If you're looking for ramen... 

Ramen is a Japanese soup that is often prepared with a meat or fish-based broth and filled with noodles, protein, and other goodies. Try it once and you'll end up addicted! Find ramen at:

Ms. Rose's Fine Food & Cocktails     Ko Cha Korean Restaurant 

Riso Noodle House     CO Restaurant 

If you're looking for french onion soup...

French onion soup is simple yet decadent. With its savory, meaty broth, tender onions, and cheesy topping, it is sure to keep you happy all winter long. Try french onion soup at: 

Felix     39 Rue de Jean     5Church     Goat Sheep Cow North 


If you're looking for vegetable soup... 

Sometimes there's nothing more healing than a veggie-heavy, vitamin-packed soup. If you're craving veggies, then you should try:

Carrot & Celery Root Soup from Charleston Grill       

Butternut Squash Soup from Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails 

Vegetable Soup from Ladles 

If you're looking for gumbo... 

Gumbo is a hearty, filling soup that is popular in Louisiana. Charleston has put its own Lowcountry spin on the creole favorite. Try gumbo at: 

The Glass Onion     The Ordinary     LoLa     Gillie's Seafood 


If you're looking for the classics...

There's nothing wrong with going for a classic soup! If you're in the market for something tried and true, then you should try: 

New England Clam Chowder from The Darling Oyster Bar 

Tortilla Soup from Pink Cactus 

Tomato Soup from The Rarebit 

Chicken Noodle Soup for Ladles 

This list just represents a few of the great places to find soup in Charleston. Tell me about your favorite places to find soup in the comments! 

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