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Last Chance for 2022 Murder Mystery Theatre Events!

December 26, 2022

Charleston is packed full of fun stuff to do, including excellent theatre. There are plenty of theatrical performances to enjoy while you're in town! Each year, local groups like Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre plan and perform murder mystery theatre experiences that are sure to delight you and keep you on your toes. Since these groups like to keep you guessing, the performances switch out frequently. This is your last chance to catch one of 2022's awesome shows by Black Fedora Comedy Mystery Theatre! Here is some information on the show that is ending- and on a few of the other shows that you can watch this winter. 


Photo from https://www.charlestonmysteries.com/our-shows/sherlocks-other-brother 

Sherlock's Other Brother by a Southern Mother 

Performances of Sherlock's Other Brother by a Southern Mother are lots of fun! The show's description reads, "It was the Holmes family secret. A secret so dark, so disturbing that Sherlock and brother Mycroft vowed upon their father’s death it would forever be buried with the Holmes patriarch. It was the secret of ... the other Holmes brother! But when murder comes to Charleston with the annual convention of hero sidekicks, it will be up to you to determine what's what ... and who's who!" So exciting!

Each show features clean, laugh-out-loud live theatre with hilarious volunteer roles for family and friends. Appetizers, desserts, and drinks are available at each performance. Read more and buy tickets: https://www.charlestonmysteries.com/our-shows/sherlocks-other-brother 

This show will end after this season, but other favorites will keep going! 


Photo from https://www.charlestonmysteries.com/our-shows/holiday-redneck-reunion 

Murder at the Redneck Reunion 

Murder at the Redneck Reunion is another wildly popular show. The description is as follows: "Welcome Cousins & Lesser Kin Alike to the McAlister Family Reunion! Though word is, Auntie Pearl is at her wit’s end trying to pull off this year’s do … what with Grandpa off his meds, Ruby Jewel insisting on singing, that dead body stuck up under the tater table, and Crazy Cousin Carl … well, he’s just crazy."

Volunteers get to take on a wacky assortment of character roles. Meanwhile, the audience tries to deduce whodunit while enjoying a la carte drinks, snacks and desserts. It is hilarious and immersive. This clean performance is fine for families but isn't recommended for children ages 8 and under. Read more and buy tickets: https://www.charlestonmysteries.com/our-shows/holiday-redneck-reunion 


Photo from https://www.charlestonmysteries.com/our-shows/mack-black 

Mack Black: Ghost Detective 

Mack Black: Ghost Detective has a unique plot that the whole family will enjoy. The plot summary reads, "Dateline, 1930 something, Charleston, SC. Supernatural skeptic, Mack Black P.I., investigates ghost sightings at the Black Fedora, a notorious nightclub for undesirables run by hostess-with-the-mostess, Vivien Von Viv’ien. The famed private eye is subsequently shot by person(s) unknown. Authorities wish to question local zero-in-a-zoot suit, Slim Jim Lee, failed gambler with connections to underworld figure, Lou “The Lizard” Lizardoni. Mack Black dies instantly from his wounds. He just doesn’t know it ... yet." 

As with other shows, Mack Black utilizes volunteers for comedic fun and allows guests to purchase appetizers, desserts, and drinks. Read more and buy tickets: https://www.charlestonmysteries.com/our-shows/mack-black


Photo from https://www.charlestonmysteries.com/our-shows/inspector-noclues 

Inspector NoClue's Murder Mystery 

Inspector NoClue's Murder Mystery offers family-friendly (PG-rated) hilarity. It is a classic show that has been delighting audiences for a long time. The description states: "Mr. Body has been murdered, and while bumbling Inspector NoClue matches wits with a redneck butler, a gold-digging French maid, and a hopelessly hapless hippie, it will be up to the audience to deduce the murderer, motive and weapon."

This is a great participatory show. Up to 20 volunteer audience actors will be chosen to play a role! I recommend asking for a role. It is so fun and memorable! Read more and buy tickets: https://www.charlestonmysteries.com/our-shows/inspector-noclues 

Which show will you catch this winter? Tell us in the comments! 

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