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Charleston Views by Horse and Carriage

May 23, 2018

Do you want to feel like a prince and princess for a day as you ride in a carriage through one of the most beautiful city’s in the United States?  Or, maybe the princess title doesn’t entice your fairy sparkles but your children would delight in sitting in a carriage watching the horse gracefully stroll you through town.

I personally love the idea of taking my date (and/or) my daughters on a scenic carriage ride through the Historic District of Charleston.  Horse drawn carriage companies developed a carriage experience that feels like a taste of the 19th century through the historic streets with views of old southern mansions and cobblestone walkways.  Charleston boasts some of the most beautiful antebellum homes, mansions, churches and gardens.  Experiencing the view from a carriage feels luxurious and relaxing.  Having knowledgeable guidance and knowledge along the tour is an added bonus to the history you are about to embrace through Charleston. 

Add a carriage ride through the Historic District to your must-do list on your next Charleston vacation.


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